1. T – Trust That Count

    Our Company is based on developing products that will enhance your lifestyle. Generations have trusted “Tolip” to make comfort and convenience a priority.

  2. O – Operation Silent

    Tolip Industrial Fan creates the best design of Fans that produce very less noise and feels you conmfortable without thinking about the noise created by fan. It is a silent feature of our product.

  3. L – Low Maintenance

    Low maintenance and easy inspection, 25% reduction in annual maintenance costs

  4. I – Instructive Design

    The design and instruction on our product are so eye catching and simple that everyone can perform their action according to their requirements.

  5. P – Peak of Perfection

    We continuously explore innovative options, perfect designs & new technologies that maximize your lighting experience. Our friendly customer relations team is here to help you find the perfect designing solution.


Pilot Electricals, a major technological force, with hi-tech expertise with international standards established in 1996, achieved global excellence in short span .The continuous painstaking endeavor developed the little stride in to the giant leap. SAGA contains an element of spirit and enterprise, of achievement through grit and determination, coupled with vision and meticulous planning .Highly qualified and experienced professionals of the industry manage the company.

PRODUCTION excellence through technology up gradation, keeping in touch with tomorrow is the key to produce excellence and exclusive product range for ventilation & environment control fans (Like Exhaust Fan, Air Circulator Fan, Man Cooler Fan, Axial Flow Fan, Turbo Roof Ventilator Wind Operated and Out Door Cooling Fans.)